Publication, Tenderbooks, London UK
Published on the occasion of before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared 27 June - 26 July, 2014 at Tenderpixel, London.

Featuring Cathy Haynes, Fay Nicolson, Kentaro Yamada, Andrea Zucchini, The School of the Event Horizon.

Point of Divergence refuses to act as a traditional exhibition catalogue but rather an open space to share research material and ideas, unfolding the themes of the exhibition.

Within, the pages provide space for artists to revisit research and expand from a point in which the trajectory diverged, giving potentiality for a new trajectory and a tapping into lost fertile ground. Alongside is a conversation between the members of Tenderpixel and Tenderbooks (Borbála Soós, Stella Sideli, Lucia Garavaglia and Rowena Harris, respectively) which alludes to the diverse exhibition research.

Functioning much like placing a word within a circular form to see more clearly it's anagrams, the design of the publication is fluid, dynamic and changeable. Resonating around a share interest, the artist's work is stirred together to created a mixing pot in which a new trajectory for the development of new work may develop.

Included within is the exhibition hand-out.

Published by Tenderbooks & Tenderpixel
Designed by Rowena Harris for Tenderbooks
Printed by Hato Press

Softcover (grey recycled pulp)
145 x 205mm
32 pages
Bound with elastic band
2 colour risograph

x3 folded
1 colour risograph

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