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Stella Sideli is an accredited coach*.
She offers one to one relational dynamics coaching sessions and coaching+mentoring sessions.


RELATIONAL DYNAMIC COACHING puts the emphasis on a ‘clean’ approach and enhanced awareness of the inter-personal relationship and self-awareness of the coach. Relational Dynamics is about the interaction with self and others; it draws on theories and tools from several different disciplines including person-centred coaching, psychology, emotional intelligence, models from neuro-linguistic programming, clean language techniques, advanced goal setting, strategies for change, negotiation skills, effective enquiry, NVC (non-violent communication), dealing with difficult conversations, the language of emotion, ethics and contemporary research into the way we communicate. This type of coaching is very future- and goal-focused: it is a space to unpack and organise thoughts in order to catalyse new ideas and courses of action, and to come up with new solutions towards how you want things to change, towards the best version of yourself you want to be.

THE COACHING+MENTORING MODEL is suited to artists, arts professionals and creatives. Each session combines coaching techniques with mentoring, utilising Stella’s skills and knowledge as contemporary art curator, arts advisor and coach in the arts. With over 10 years experience of curating cultural programmes, internationally, in institutions and independent galleries, and with extensive experience of designing and developing artist development programmes, Stella offers coaching+mentoring sessions which include: offering critical lecture and feedback on artist's work or cultural programme; supporting the development of ideas and projects; coaching on studio practice, portfolio, statement, informal website critique, as well as storytelling, writing text, press releases and funding applications; coaching on exhibition research, curation and design; reaching objectives; managing and developing relationships with funders, partners and galleries; working with institutions; the commissioning process; giving and receiving feedback; advising on life and work balance.

Sessions are usually fifty minutes in duration, and are usually delivered online. The frequency and number of sessions are flexible. Cost is negotiated and agreed between the coach and coachee.


GET IN TOUCH to discuss what option you might prefer and to have more information on cost and logistics.

*Stella Sideli has fully met the requirements of the accredited diploma in Relational Dynamics Coaching - RD1st.
The accreditation criterion is adapted from those of the Association for Coaching (of which Sideli is a member) and is provided in conjunction with Coaching Culture at Work (formerly Performance Coach Training Ltd). Coaching Culture at Work (C.A.W.) is an ILM approved training centre and recognises the RD1st Course to be an ILM Level 7 equivalent. Completion of this course carries a minimum of 64 approved course specific training hours plus 30 additional study hours, with Relational Dynamics 1st; a minimum of 10 hours coaching and being coached.

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