31 January - 3 March 2018
Exhibition, Tenderpixel, London, UK (Curated in collaboration with Borbála Soós)
For this timely and pressing exhibition, London duo patten reconfigures fragmentary background elements of film, literature, sound and set design collected from the world of modern sci-fi into a hallucinogenic and immersive audiovisual environment. The resulting space sets the stage for a non-dystopic reimagining of a positive collective future, asking; 'how do we make it to 3049?', a question whose urgency grows with each passing day.

Their ambitious project also reaches outside the gallery walls through events and talks, live radio broadcasts, off-site club nights, online projects and a labyrinthine publication featuring contributors from the worlds of art, fashion, philosophy, music, design, cinema, science, architecture and forecasting.

PATTEN is a visionary London-based duo who with the recent Requiem EP have released two albums and two EPs on UK's Warp Records, including the acclaimed futuristic industrial post punk-inflected electronics of last year's Ψ (Psi). With a wide catalogue spanning the outer edges of techno, hip hop, ambient, club music, grime, pop and industrial, their debut GLAQJO XAACSSO on London's No Pain In Pop, saw the start of their rise to wider promimence after early experimental CDRs & minidiscs circulated on their imprint Kaleidoscope. The group is renowned also for lending their distinctive sound to the work of others with their RE-EDITS series and official remixes for seminal artists and labels such as Bjork, Giorgio Moroder, Caribou, Hauschka, Peaking Lights, Harold Budd, Kwes, Neon Indian, Ghostly International, Fat Cat to name a few. Relating as much to pop music, club sounds and Industrial textures, their Psi album and the recent Requiem EP are the group’s most accessible and accomplished records to date. The journey is already fully in motion with the Franco- British duo performing their striking new live audiovisual show across select European clubs and festivals to wide-eyed audiences. Most recently a packed out takeover at London's Institute of Contemporary Art saw them debut Requiem tracks for the first time with rapturous response, after playing the final show of the previous set at Sonar Istanbul. http://www.patttten.com

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